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Hi, I am Christy. I started Merlin Media with a vision of simplifying the often overwhelming process of getting your business online. I am passionate about helping small businesses realise that they can – and should – be online!

Getting a website does not have to cost an arm and a leg (I have my own, thank you very much). I believe in getting to know my clients and offering them a solution that fits their business, their pocket, and their dreams.

Pop me an email or send me a whatsapp, and let’s get your business the website it deserves.

Do I Really Need A Website?

Is your business the only one of its kind?

Are you easily making enough money from your business (so much so that you’re reading this from your private yacht on the Mediterranean?)

I thought not…

People may claim otherwise, but everyone judges a book by its cover. And in today’s world, your business is your book and the website is the cover.

When potential clients visit your site, they make SNAP decisions…
Is this business legitimate?
Do they provide the service I need?

If your website is slow, outdated or you just don’t have one, people will move on to the next company that has what they are looking for and is easily accessible.

On average, you have
to catch your potential client’s attention before they leave. You read that right, not minutes, but seconds!

Are you starting to see why your website is so important? And how it can be a goldmine if it’s properly set up and utilized?
I sure hope so!

So How Can I Help You?


Starting From Scratch?

Whichever side you are on, I am ready to step in and bring your website to life.

Send me an email and I will send you a short questionnaire which I will use to get a feel for your brand and your goals. Together we will walk through the process and build a package that suits your needs and your budget. There are no fancy bells and whistles, and no hoops to jump through; you give me your content and I will give you a website you will love. 

Current Website Need A Revamp?

Let's Bring Your Website To Life!

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